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No. of Swing TableOneOneOneOne
Diameter of Swing Table750mm(30)1200mm(48)1500mm(59)1800mm(72)
Maximum Load on Table350kg75020002500
No. of Centrifugal WheelOneOneOneOne
Size of Wheel(mm) (Dia x Width)300mm X 63mm500mm X 63mm500mm X 63mm505mm X 63mm
H.P. of Blast Wheel7.5152025
Shots Flow Rate (Kg. / Hour)650090001200015000
Type of Dust CollectorFabric BagFabric BagFabric BagFabric Bag Type
Dust Collector Capacity (CFM)1200200025003000
Shaking Of BagsManualMechanicalMechanicalMechanical
Total H.P. Required12233648
Loading Height (mm)1125950940950
Max. Job Height (mm)30060010001000

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