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The modular Blast Room is specially ventilated and illuminated for enclosed abrasive blasting, and is a fully sealed, dust tight, all steel structure. The components are prefabricated for simple bolt together erection, with little or no job site welding required. The enclosure stands by it’s own structural support without connections to the surrounding facilities. Internally, the enclosure has no areas, other than the floor, where airborne media or dust may be captured.

  • Rubber Lining Hanging system
  • Main Door Hinge Type/Sliding Type
  • Air Louvers
  •  Illumination

Floor Recovery- The modular blast room in abrasive recovery is done by mechanical and pneumatic also. It is depend on production rate and customer demand.

  • Small Hopper Mounted on One Corner of Blast Room system
  • Single Screw Conveyor Floor Recovery system
  • H-Shaped Screw Conveyor Floor Recovery system
  • Full Floor Screw Conveyor recovery system
  • Full Floor Pneumonic (*scrapper) Recovery system

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