Kailash is a total solution provider in the field of surface preparation through air –operated & airless blasting machine. Embarked on its journey of surface preparation on the surface of oasis of Rajasthan.

Kailash aroused as a pioneer in the arena of designing & manufacturing of shot blasting and shot preening machine with media conveying dust collectors, painting & baking rooms and there accessories. Around two decades before kailash started manufacturing of blasting machine commonly used low cost machines & roused to supply custom oriented machines with robotic orientations. In 2003 kailash become the first organist ion to be accredited with ISO by the field of surface preparation for quality management system by procedural working with continuously improvements. After assessing the market potential in the shot blasting field, company started its operation by fronting its products as low cost products against the giant international rivals.

The continuous research by agile & qualified workforce continuously improved and innovated new custom built machines for different industrial applications in the field of aerospace, railway, defense, automation with latest technology development are being supplied. After continuous improvements in the air operated shot blasting machines and one of the largest in the Turbine type (airless) shot blasting machine. Today the company is standing on the landmark of one of the biggest amongst the equals in the international platforms. The company has achieved substantial presence in the Middle East and some presence in European market as well. kailash provides superior sales, service & applications assistance to its valuable customers. Out product quality accreditation with “CE” marking is just one part of the total commitment to customers that makes the Kailash best value in the surface preparation industries. The repeated orders received from our customers are the result of their utmost satisfaction in our products. Kailash conducts regular workshop to appraise the latest development in field of kailash preening & surface reparation to its customers.

Procurement of laser cutting machines, CNC press brake machines. Tig & Mig welding machines for automation and further improvements in product quality is in the process to follow the commitments given in company policy of kailash. This not being the end, the company has targeted the worldwide leadership, with the international quality products. After accreditation of “CE” marking kailash further marching for nadcap certification, able to provide services to aerospace industries.

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